Specialty Coffee

  1. BLEND ‘Chompy ’


  2. Chompy is as bold as it gets. It is our Italian style blend designed for to deliver rich dark cocoa and heavy body. Chompy bursts through milk which makes it perfect for those who like it strong.

  1. Composition

    Indonesian Sulawesi Kalosi

  1. Wet processed

  2. Sun dried

  3. Deep heavy bodied with a hint of liquorice spice

    Brazil Santos

  1. Natural process

  2. Patio dried

  3. Soft round on the palette with a buttery walnut finish.

    Colombia Bolivar

  1. Wet process

  2. Sundried

  3. Soft Cocoa notes with earthy tones

    Papua New Guinea Sigri AA

  1. Fully washed

  2. Sun dried

  3. Light bodied sweetness and a soft citrus note

  1. COFFEE OF THE WEEK ‘Fazenda Monte Alegre’


  2. Country: BRAZIL

  3. City: Alfenas

  4. Region: Sul de Minas Gerais

  5. Altitude: 8250 to 1,100 m. above sea level

  6. Variety: 100% Mundo Novo, Catuai, Acaia

  7. Processing: Fully Washed

  8. Owner: Jose Francisco Pereira

  9. Where

  10. Fazenda Monte Alegre is located in the city of Alfenas in the southern area of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Currently under the direction of Jose Fancisco Pereira, this large estate has been producing coffee since the eighteenth century. Its geographical location (latitude 22 degrees S and altitudes ranging from 900 to 1200 meters) creates well defined seasons that are ideal for growing high quality coffees.

  11. Coffee bean

  12. Most of the coffee beans are hand picked, with great care taken from the beginning to ensure the full traceability of coffee from the tree to the final customer. The estate produces natural (60%), pulped natural (10%) and fully washed (30%) coffees. This lot of coffee is fully washed. This processing method produces a very crisp and clean cup with medium body and acidity.

  13. Sustainability

  14. Sustainable farming technology is practiced throughout, with the adoption of erosion control, intercropping, wind-breakers, and careful water management. They also take care of their employees as much as their coffee, with full medical assistance, housing,

  15. schools, playgrounds and leisure activities for all to use.

  16. The estate's average production of 100,000 bags of coffee per year finds its way into many markets but only the very best, selected and certified coffees reach the specialty coffee market.

  17. Location

  18. Over 7 million trees are grown across 6,700 acres of the estate. A mix of coffee varieties are cultivated on the estate including Mondo Novo, Catuaí, Acaiá and Bourbon. Monte Alegre processes and exports its own coffees. It is a fully sustainable business that employs an average of 750 people, 35% of whom live on the farm.

  19. Monte Alegre is also a haven for wildlife, with 8,525 acres of untouched native forest and another 2,424 acres of protected wet lands and reforested areas.

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